Magyar Lupus Egyesület
SLE-vel élők civil szervezete


The Hungarian Lupus Group has been working since 1993.

Unfortunately our association’s incomes were decreased during last few years due to the new regulations of NGO and the narrowing of application and competition possibilities for financial support from the government.

To be honest the group was financially more secured 24 years before than nowadays.

Please support us. You can help us even by 1 EUR.

We have many plans for 2018 that we would like to finance from donations.

  • We would like to celebrate our group’s 25th birthday (12 May, 2018) with a whole-day celebration programme including 3 doctor’s lecture. For this occasion we would like to give special gifts to our fellow patients as well.
  • We would also like to publish our Butterfly magazine (36 pages in an A4 format for free).
  • We are also planning to record videos from doctors during our patient forums and later publishing it on our website.
  • Buying a new computer and other fixed assets. (Now we have only 1 laptop that is 24 years old.)

Donation by PayPal

Donation by banktransfer

Bank Account Number (IBAN):HU96117020122000425700000000
Swift / BIC code:OTPVHUHB
Bank name:OTP Bank
Bank address:1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16. Hungary
Hungarian Lupus Group address:6635 Szegvár, Kórógy u. 69. Hungary


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